BJD Sizing

BJDs typically come in 6 sizes; 70cm, 65cm, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 and Tiny.

The first modern aBJD (Asian Ball Jointed Doll) line was by the Japanese company Volks. They were called Super Dollfies and were 60cm tall. Super Dollfie is abbreviated as SD.

The term SD is now synonymous with the 1/3 60cm size. These dolls can range from 57cm – 61cm without encroaching on the next size bracket up.

Here’s a table to understand the sizing a bit better!

Ratio SizeHeight groupingHeight variationsOther names
70cm68-75cmHound, Uncle
65cm62-67cmSD17, SD16
1/360cm 57-62cmSD, SD13,
1/626cm 20-30cmYoSD
1/1215cmUnder 15cmTiny

Although these sizes aren’t the only sizes available (there are 70cm+ dolls as tall as 90cm and Life size!), it gives you a rough guide as to what is available.

Many companies have their own names for sizing.

Fairyland, for example, has Feeple65, Feeple (1/3 size) and MiniFee (1/4 size) amongst others.