My name is Ellie.

My Instagram is @frostbittenbjd .

I joined the hobby in late summer 2011. My first doll was a Bobobie Espree. I bought her after losing an ebay bidding war for a Custom House Ai boy! It wasn’t long before I had bought more dolls and expanded my collection!

I started a dealership under the name Frost Bitten BJD in December 2016; I represented DollSheCraft, Supiadolls, Dollits and PygmalionDoll. I officially closed in July 2019 to focus on progressing Management in my Retail Career. Covid came soon after and I eventually left Retail to work in Employability. Now I work in IT and Chair my company’s LGBTQ+ Employee Network.

You can find me on DoA (Den of Angels) under countessheloise . Click here to see my feedback thread.