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Shop NameShop LinkNotesDealer?Price RangeSpecial Notes
Air Castle informationDD sizing
Amors Doll street clothing, gorgeous cosplay outfits,in most sizesN Mid to mid-high
Amy Yiman's Small Wardrobe Lolita and dreamy itemsNMidFemale styles Blythe, 1/6 all the way to sd16
Another Dimension edgy clothing mostly for male dollsNmid mostly70+ boy sizing like IPle and ID represented
Bears for basics and asian style male clothing - mosty maleNmidReally lovely quality - great for 70cm males
Bloom In April, Modern Clothing and accessories. Traditional Asian style too. Good range of sizingNMid to highSOOM ID sizing
Cat's Gift of beautiful shoes, wigs and clothingNmidFantastic shoe selection, Iple girl gowns
Cross Church
Cubeco making suppliesNlowAffordable eye moulds!
Daikin and Oscar Shoes and clothingnmidhas some lovely clothing and shoes for IP sizes
Doll Creator wigs and modern clothes in a variety of sizingNmid
Doll House of more traditional doll clothes, lolita style and more costumy pieces Y - Dikadoll, Mystic Dolls, Doll Love, Coco Tribe, Two.S.Doll, Dream Realmmid but high mostly
Doll Kingdom
Dolly Planet - Doll Leaves, Aimerai Doll plus many moremid to high Blythe sizing, beautiful wigs and glass eyes
Dreamer Works range of clothing and accessoriesNmid mostlyBeautiful kimonos. Sizing for larger dolls also
Endless Fashion and traditional StylesY - Dika, DFA, and morelow to highblythe size clothing, disney collector doll clothing
F Zero in wigs and shoes, but sells clothes tooNmidBig Girl SD16 and iple size high heels
Green Time and well priced clothes in normal size rangesY - Oasisdollmid range
HannaSu Leekeworld primarilyY - Leekeworldmid to high sell shoes compatible with Iple boys
Hitomi furniture and propsNMid to high
Honey Lemonade beautiful jewellery NMidStunning real gold and silver jewellery. Note that the bjd jewellery is in a seperate section to the human jewellery.
Kaleido lovely basic clothing and shoes in 'Lolita' and 'Mori' stylesNmid
Kami Zone and regular sizing - smart and suits and cosplay suits are a specialityNmid to high ID72 and similar large 70cm male
Iridescent girl clothingNmid to high
Lan Meow pretty clothing in regular sizingNmidHolala and blythe sizing also
Lanting traditional East Asian styles (i.e Kimonos). Really lovely items.Nmid to high
Licht BJD specialist - good quality and varied style and clerance section - also some accessories tooNlow to mid
Lost Valhalla shoesNmidFemale shoes and heels - may have some to fit Iple girls.
Ma Dao clothing in dreamy and Mori styles NMid
Magic Box
MeettoDoll range of accessories and wigsNlow to high really stunning wigs. Gorgeous high heels also
Milliet House Furniture and porp Y - many mid to high Fantastic desk and chair set SD size
Miss Sugar, fantasy or 'cosplay' styles Nmid to mid-highBlythe size
Miu Cat / M7 Doll, Shoes and clothes in a wide variety of styles and sizesNlow to mid- Big Girl/IP/Ghost size for Iplehouse girls - SD16 shoes
M&V Studio pretty variety of clothing in a variety of styles and sizesY - Evoke DollmidIncludes Azone, Blythe, Dollfie Dream and regular sizes. Stocks Volks
msire a wig shop but also some edgy modern style clothingNmidMsd through 'strong uncle' size primarily male
M3 known for their casual clothing, suits and wigs mid
Odd Numbers/ Aristocracy Style clothing in a huge range of sizes - beautifully madeNhighmales in IP sizes also
Promise of the World traditional doll and lolita style clothing and accessoriesNHighVery Victorian and Lolita inspired
Salafina glass eyes and modern clothing and shoes in basic sizes.NmidGorgeous glass eyes
SK Couture cute shoes and clothing in smaller sizesNmidLati and Blythe sizing - beautiful shoes in fun pastel colours
Snake Eye modern clothes. Good shoe selection and great accessoriesNmid mostlySD16 big girl shoes that fit Iplehouse girls. SD size wheelcahir
Solitary Paradise beautiful outfits in a variety of sizing Nmid to high Beautiful Roccoco and Lolita as well as some lovely Kimono style clothing.
SWDoll selection of clothing, shoes, wigs etc.Y- too many to listlow-highsmall IP big doll Clothing section
Sweet King of the Night edgy and beautiful clothes for primarily male dolls. and very 50s and antique style tailored clothing for female dollsNmid to high They do many Uncle size clothing for both male and female
Tata's Paradise variety of sizing and styles. Lots of accessories and propsNlow to midThey do not always take orders from agents. They offer large 70+ ID and Iple male sizing on a variety
WGuy of sizing - specialises in shoesNmidblythe clothing
Yomi Doll selection of Shoes and fashion primarily for Female dolls Nmidsome shoes may fit Iple girls
Yumi Doll Shop in basics and propsNlow to mid Fantastic props - standout is the Camera prop
YYM Studio, Shoes, eyes, in a variety of sizesNThe thing they carry the most of is shoes and eyes. Mostly traditional chinese style. Includes ID and 70+ sizes