Epsilon Auction

Auction for Epsilon Fullset in Solway with face up by myself.

Starting Price: $1500


  1. Bidders must be reputable and submit feedback link(s) upon initial bid. 
  2. Any Bidders known to have links to recasts/recasters will not qualify to bid. Rugged Realism will have the chance to veto any person they have personally black-listed.
  3. Please allow time for me to answer messages and please bare in mind I am based on the London GMT timezone.
  4. Payment to be made via Paypal – those in the UK can pay via direct bank transfer also.
  5. Full or first payment must be made within 3 working days of the close of the auction – failure to make this payment will result in your win defecting to the person who bid before you. 
  6. The minimum bid increment is $25, bids below this will not be counted. Bids greater than this are permitted.
  7. Only public accounts may bid, private or shell accounts will not be permitted, nor will bidding on behalf of someone else.
  8. Layaway will be dependant on the ending price of the bid – 6 months maximum, please send your layaway bid alongside your Auction bid.
  9. Highest bid will be displayed under the listing with the format: “Current Bid: $$$$ @usernameofbidder”. Please note: this is a public bidding and will allow no anonymity.

Duration: 4 weeks. This Auction will end to new bidders on Saturday 3rd April at 10pm GMT. After this time, no new bidders will be able to place a bid. Those who have placed a bid previously will be allowed to continue bidding until all parties have placed their final offer.

Postage: Shipping will be calculated at the end of the Auction and made payable with the full bid – I will require full insurance and fully tracked shipping. 

How to Bid: Reply on the instagram post to inform me you have sent a PM and then PM me with the following template;

Full Name:
Feedback link:

Please note: This doll is absolutely beautiful, I am selling him due to a lack of bonding and wanting somebody else to have a chance to own this stunning sculpt. 

The Details

Sculpt: Rugged Realism Alphabet Series Epsilon

Skin Tone: Solway

Included: Fullset; Full Doll, 2 extra sets of hands, Heel Feet. COA, paperwork.

Faceup: Done by myself. I am happy to edit or redo the faceup free of charge.

Extras: No clothing, happy to include custom eyes shown in pictures.

Yellowing/Flaws: His body bears no flaws that he did not arrive with bar his left heel foot, which I will detail below. He has sanding marks common with tan dolls, which are from a distance not noticeable.

Edits/Modifications: Hot-glue sueding, done with a cool setting – the glue will peel off cleaning leaving no residue behind. This can be removed before sending.

Of Note: He will be shipped securely, unstrung. For an extra cost (of the shipping box) I should be able to send him strung.

The Heel foot: The heel foot has acquired some odd ageing properties. When I first unboxed the doll there were no colour flaws. He was put together and stored out of sunlight. The extras, (heel feet and hands) were wrapped in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box, inside another cardboard box, and in dry storage. The temperature will have been no different than any other resin doll I own and so this colour anomaly is odd.

The odd colouring the left heel foot sustained in storage.